We are excited to walk with you on this journey to recovery and injury prevention, please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have, we are here to serve you and get you right back on track soon.
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We are passionate about specializing in making you hurt less and getting you back to performing at your highest level and giving you the right tools to continue performing.

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We can promise our service is the best Physical Therapy service you will receive, you can rest assured your needs come first before anything else.

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We are 100% committed to your needs and treating the root cause of injury as opposed to simply treating the symptoms to temporarily mask the pain.


Dr. Amy Allison, PT, DPT
Founder and owner

Dr. Amy Allison is a coach, physical therapist, educator, and founder of Aim 2 Move Physical Therapy. She is considered a leader in the fields of rehab, sports medicine, manual therapy, and human performance optimization. Amy is able to use her experience as a physical therapist to improve all aspects of human performance and mobility.

Amy received a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Southwest Baptist University. She has advanced training in muscle energy techniques, joint mobilization, joint manipulation, and soft tissue release techniques.

Amy traveled the country as a physical therapist for 7 years following graduation and gained knowledge from colleagues nationwide. In 2018, Amy accepted the role as the lead outpatient physical therapist at THR in Kaufman, TX, and specializes in treating post-op athletes and patients with spinal pain and/or alignment issues.

Amy is currently an assistant volleyball coach for UEPA Volleyball Club in Plano, TX. She had a successful sports career at the University of Arkansas as a middle blocker (2003-2007) and now has the desire to continue to develop the next generation of volleyball players on the court as well as keeping them pain-free to continue doing what they love.

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Aim 2 Move Physiotherapy

Aim 2 Move was founded on the idea that the patient comes first. Right now, healthcare quality is at an all-time low. Not only are people paying for healthcare with money, but they are also paying with their time and time is the most valuable resource we have.

Our goal at Aim 2 Move is to help our patients live to their full potential and have pain-free life. No matter what your goals are, we are here to help. If you love to play volleyball, we’ll get you back on the court and keep you there so you can reach your athletic goals and enjoy the sport you love. If you’re a runner and have dreams of completing your first half marathon, we can help you accomplish that goal. If you’re a mom or dad and want to be more active with your kids, we can help you do that!

At Aim 2 Move we want our patients to know we have your best interest at heart. We provide one-on-one expert manual and performance-based Physical Therapy services for athletes of all ages to keep them moving and performing at their highest level. Our clients get the best care and we are able to get them back to what they love doing most and living pain-free lives.


Amy is truly an amazing PT! I went from barely being able to walk, to walking with a barely noticeable limp. She is amazing and I highly recommend her to everyone!


Amy was able to find the issue immediately and designed an amazing treatment plan that provides immense relief. Amy is one of the best physical therapists you will find! Highly recommend her.


I always look forward to therapy because you make it fun. You motivate me to do more and taught me the correct way to stretch.


You are highly skilled, you made sure it did not adversely affect other parts of my body such as my back. You’re a professional!


I really appreciate all the help I got from Amy regarding my knee! She really went above and beyond what I had expected.